Eileen Wiedbrauk

Shh! There are dragons sleeping here.

They will be fierce when they awake.
Until then, they need their beauty rest.

Things here look pretty sparse.

There's a reason for that. Aside from not wanting to wake the dragon, of course.

I am training in front-end web development to compliment my digital design skills. The more I learn to code, the more I'll be building (hand coding) onto this site.

But hey, in the meantime:

I obsessed with fresh, fun design and clean, simple code that does amazing things. I represent what is (to me, at least) a fascinating sliver of the population: someone who grew up both a digital native and dialing a rotary phone.

Coming Shortly:

  • CSS-only Résumé
  • Sample Projects (code & design)
  • Graphic Design Portfolio
  • Witty Tidbits

A Bit About Me

Eileen Wiedbrauk is a writer, web developer, designer, coffee addict, cat herder, founding editor of World Weaver Press, MFA grad, Odyssey Workshop alum, tech geek, kdrama devotee, avid reader, and a somewhat decent cook. She wears many hats, as the saying goes. Which is an odd saying in this case, as she rarely looks good in hats.

Eileen Wiedbrauk